My name is Patricia, I am just a small-town Hamiltonian girl looking for a good eat! My love for food started a very young age and growing up Portuguese had a lot to do with it. My parents always introduced me to a lot of yummy foods and because I was exposed to such an eclectic pallet at such a young age there was no problem with me eating everything my parents put on my plate. Food was my first love and then came writing, when I was young always had a passion for the written word and it showed, I loved telling tall stories to my teachers, it was exciting to me and still is. That’s why I decided to start Let Me Grab A Pen it is my way of sharing my little slice of heaven to the foodie world! I want to be able to share my love of writing and food to the world and trust me it does not come easy especially with having to rely heavily on caffeine to keep me awake at night while burning the midnight oil!

So welcome fellow foodies! This is your one stop shop for everything food, I let my nostrils do the writing and my mouth do the eating! Watch how my love for Hamilton, food and writing come together to make beautiful pieces of content that will have you wanting to eat my words right off the screen. Enjoy!

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