Truly U-Nique

Recently, I had the pleasure of eating at Nique Restaurant in Hamilton, ON, and it was a wonderful experience to eat and be surrounded in an environment filled with happy people. Located in on 30 Vine Street, Nique is a fairly new restaurant to the Hamilton foodie scene, but whoa did they ever impress me with the quality of food they prepared for me the night I ate there.


Nique loves to incorporate a non-traditional approach to the food they serve. The Canadian culture is not about serving traditional Canadian dishes, but providing a menu that caters to every person no matter where you are from. Multiculturalism is at practice here people and I love it!


Jordan, the young gentleman who served us was extremely attentive and helpful when it came to choosing drinks and food. He was able to recommend some great food with some amazing beer that complimented the food perfectly.


We ordered:

  • Hummus w/ roasted cauliflower & poblano, $16.00
  • Crispy Calamari w/ pickled chili sweet & sour sauce, $14.00
  • Nique Burger w/ 12hr caramelized onion, aged cheddar, garlic mayo, $18.00

Let’s start with the hummus, first of all, let me say that was the BEST hummus I have ever had, which is weird because we don’t really expect much when you order hummus, but this is a must have when you eat at Nique! Seriously order it, you will not regret it! The only thing I wish is that there was more of it. Five licked plates out of five my friends.


Next let’s talk about this calamari, although I only had a bite of this I savored it, every last crunch!  I am such a huge fan of anything that is crispy and deep-fried (like anyone) so this was such a great treat, plus the pickled chili and sweet & sour sauce made my heart skip a beat and my tongue tingle in a very good way!


The Nique burger was the last of the dishes to come out, but doesn’t the saying go “ we have saved the best for last,” I think so and rightfully so this burger was fantastic! Super simple as far toppings go, but why mess with a good thing. A great burger is comprised a few good things that make it great. The caramelized onions aged cheddar and garlic mayo were creamy and full of flavor! And the juices, oh the juices were just spectacular and cooked to a perfect medium rare and almost too good to share.

Nique Burger

The experience at Nique was truly unique and the atmosphere carried a nice industrial/modern aesthetic to it which I haven’t seen much in Hamilton.

Do yourself a favour; and eat at this newly open restaurant in Hamilton and support local cuisine, in fact, do it next week on  December 8th, 9th and 10th because Nique will be donated three percent of their profits each night to a day program called the L.I.F.E program. The L.I.F.E program is a day program that caters to building the life skills of young adults with autism and is run under their sister charity Woodview.


Hope to see you all there.

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