Durand Coffee – An Afternoon Delight

Last Saturday was an intense writing day for me. It was a chance to catch up on all my freelance writing and also get some work done for Let Me Grab A Pen as well. I was looking for a quiet place to write and I stumbled upon Durand Coffee while on my search.


142 Charlton Avenue West in Hamilton, ON is where this quaint little coffee shop exists. As soon as I walked in I felt at peace and ready to write, I ordered my usual cappuccino and a vegan gluten-free chocolate chunk cookie.


I sat down and unpacked my writing materials at a seating area near the window onlooking Charlton avenue, I loved how the sun just illuminated into the shop. It was peaceful to just feel the sun hit my face for awhile while enjoying my cappuccino and Chocolate chunk cookie. Everything was perfect, which led to a productive afternoon at Durand coffee.


Thank you for making a great cappuccino and providing me with a great workspace to get some work done. If you get a chance people please visit this location! What a great little coffee shop in the Hamilton area.


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