Burnt Tongue is Burnin’ up Hamilton

Last Friday I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Burnt Tongue with my best friend and was fortunate enough to return on the Saturday with my mom for seconds! The Burnt Tongue features eclectic and abundant variety of soups that changes every day. So chances are you may never have the same soup  twice, but that is okay because the soup might change but the quality of food is always there.

As you can imagine The Burnt Tongue is no ordinary restaurant, but is a restaurant practically dedicated to serving soup. At first some people may be put off by something so different and wonder if just serving soup is filling enough for a customer. I can assure you that any soup you are eating from here is definitely heartier than eating 2 lbs of chicken wings at Kelsey’s.

Of course the Burnt Tongue offers other menu items such as burgers that come in two sizes, either a single or a double, grilled cheese sandwiches, salads and their infamous frites that are so good you’ll never go back to regular McDonald’s french fries and for dessert they offer Rudy’s Paletas & vegan Ice cream that is to die for.




At first I was thrown off by how small the restaurant is, but it seems that the restaurant runs fine with their minimal . Soup is so easy to eat and it seems that people are already getting up to leave just as others are getting ready to be seated. The Burnt Tongue also offers take-out for those who want to enjoy their comfort food from the comfort of their home.

Burnt Tongue Menu


On the Friday night I enjoyed their yummy “Asparagus and Garden Pea Soup” with a touch of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and on Saturday I enjoyed the “Moroccan Veg and Chili.” They were both very tasty and fresh and it was definitely very filling for the price you pay.

Moroccan veg was the heartier of the two soups and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that is filling with a kick. I also enjoyed the assortment of spices I tasted in the soup, I felt like I had a little taste of Morocco in my mouth and it was delicious.

Moroccan Veg and Chili


The Asparagus and Garden Pea soup was a little on the lighter side, but was still filling enough with the other sides I had ordered to split with my friend. The sprinkled parmesan was a great topping to add because it brought out the flavour of the soup and added some personality to it. I liked that I didn’t feel like I was eating just a plain and regular vegetable soup.

Asparagus and Garden Pea Soup


For a side on both my visits that weekend I ordered some fresh cut frites, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside just the way everyone should enjoy them! They offer a couple of different dipping sauces for their frites such their house mayo (personally my favourite), and their curried ketchup, I had never experienced curried ketchup before so you could imagine that was a  huge change from regular ketchup, which I welcomed with open arms.



I was also fortunate enough to try their French onion grilled cheese, which went perfectly with my Asparagus and Garden Pea soup. The onions were perfectly caramelized and the cheese was extra cheesy. Believe it or not this grilled cheese was so good it did not need any ketchup to dip it in and that’s the truth!

French Onion Grilled Cheese


After a good meal, there is nothing like having a good desert to top off the end of your stay at the Burnt Tongue. On site they offer Rudy’s Paleta’s vegan ice cream. I was able to tickle my taste buds with their “Nutty coconut” flavoured ice cream, which was a very light end to a great dinner.

Rudy’s Paleta’s vegan ice cream – Coconut Flavour


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Burnt Tongue. It was a great atmosphere with a friendly staff who really took the time to deliver a great product that tastes great and makes you feel warm inside. Soup bars are my favourite and I wouldn’t mind if more started popping up in Hamilton.

Check out the Burnt Tongue.


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