If You Need Pizza Get Knead

Yesterday night was full of adventures on James St. N and one of those adventures included a trip to Knead Pizza. My friends and I just couldn’t resist the taunting and alluring scent that was making its way up our nostrils and telling our brains we were hungry. So naturally, we decided we NEEDED PIZZA NOW!


The woman who served us at the counter was genuinely pleasant. She politely informed us of the vast and eclectic varieties of pizza offered at Knead, which was also reasonably well priced. Everything looked amazing and smelled even more delicious, we decided to try out the Veg Head and we were not disappointed. The pizza was topped with bok choy (they replaced this ingredient with arugula), garlic, chilis, red onions, and feta cheese, and to accompany our pizza we ordered the spicy and garlic aioli dipping sauces.


While we were waiting on our pizza the woman served us water in a beautiful jug, which took me back to the days I was in Europe eating at a fancy restaurant. It only took about 15 minutes for the pizza to be made before we could sink our teeth into it and it was absolutely amazing.


Every topping on the pizza was so fresh and the dough was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I certainly could have eaten this pizza without dipping sauce because even just the crust itself was so good; the creamy aioli’s just took the pizza to the next level. The arugula that was added as substitution for the rapini was also was very well done on the pizza! The Veg Head was everything you could have ever wanted it to be it was – creamy, cheesy, soft, and crispy. Just thinking about it now makes me want to hop on a SoBi just to get a slice of heaven from Knead.

Extra Large Veg Head


The staff at Knead prides themselves on providing a pizza that is fresh, hand tossed with chef-selected ingredients and to be able to serve pizza the way it is meant to be. Every bite was certainly made with love and passion for how we all should enjoy pizza.

I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of Knead, it still has some of the same vibe from the previous owners but you can tell that Knead has added their own touch to the place.

Spicy Aioli


My friends and I will definitely be returning to Knead, whether it’s just to pick up a slice of their Sweet Cheezus cheesy pizza or to eat an extra large Veg Head. Without a doubt a pizza that you will never have any regrets about eating. If you NEED pizza go to KNEAD, happy eating pizza lovers of #HamON.

Knead pizza

Knead Pizza is located at 274 James St N

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