Chocolat on James

In the heart of James St. N, Hamilton there is your modern-day “Willy Wonka” chocolate factory, at least that’s what it reminded me of when I stepped into Chocolat on James. I truly felt like a kid in a candy store when I walked in to this place, it was simply amazing and tasted even more amazing once I got my hands on some chocolate.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Chocolat On James it is a new artisan chocolate shop and espresso bar that is owned and operated by Sheryl Cronsberry a proud Hamiltonian, entrepreneur and chocolate maker. Sheryl also owns Pam’s coffee in Jackson Square and is excited to be taking part in the revitalization of the downtown core with Pam’s and Chocolat on James. Chocolat, which has just opened its doors this month, has already been the spark of many conversations in Hamilton. Sheryl and her team make everything you see in Chocolat on James in-house and it truly shows in taste, richness and the quality of their product.

Chocolate Truffle selection




Chocolat on James also offers a unique experience for its customers; Guests will be able to view the chocolate-making process through a large window into a beautiful industrial kitchen.

Chocolat on James will also host a top of the line espresso bar, which will be featuring Hamilton based Balzac Roasted coffee, a fudge counter and everyone’s favorite, ice cream.

I had the pleasure of taste testing some of their truffles and they were just amazing. They are rich and just melt in your mouth like little pieces of heaven and for a $1.25 each they are worth every penny! They had a vast variety of flavors but I chose to try banana, mint, cappuccino and tiramisu. Chocolat on James also offers each of their flavors in White, milk or dark chocolate and each one of them is delectable

Banana In Dark Chocolate


Cappuccino in Milk Chocolate


Cappuccino in White Chocolate


Mint in Dark Chocolate


Tiramisu in Milk Chocolate


Head on down to Chocolat on James if you have a sweet tooth, I promise you will not be disappointed!


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