541 Eatery Exchange

Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon cappuccino at one of Hamilton’s newest coffee shops, the 541 Eatery exchange! This swanky little coffee joint is located on 541 Barton Street E, and has described themselves as an eatery, offering fresh homemade meals and baked goods in the heart of Hamilton. It is a place of exchange where ideas are shared and where people can interact with one another. 541 are the only one of its kind in Hamilton that has created a heart-warming experience for customers and the community, but I’ll get to that in a second.

During my visit to 541 Eatery exchange I did enjoy a yummy cappuccino accompanied by a biscotti and to eat I enjoyed their Grilled veggie stack. The grilled veggies stack consisted or a variety of vegetables such as Arugula, asparagus, zucchini, red and yellow peppers, red onion, feta drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette. It was extremely tasty and it was a great meal if you are just looking for a light snack.

Grilled Veggie stack


The atmosphere was also great and unique in it’s own way. I found this concept especially unique because with the “Button Donations”, 541 has really taken into consideration their target demographic and is single handily impacting poverty in Hamilton! It’s amazing how something so small can make a huge impact on our community.

Some of you may think “Well, I don’t want to have my morning coffee and newspaper sitting next to a bum,” but the truth is when you see how much your donation means to some of these people, it makes you feel great about what you’ve done, even if it was just donating a dollar towards a healthy meal. You also know exactly how your money is being used. 541 Eatery is changing our community and ensuring all impoverished people are being fed and to me that is a lot better than someone begging for money on the street. For more information on The 541 Eatery Exchange watch this video


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