An Experience at Casa Domenico

Last night I had the pleasure of receiving a delightful experience at Casa Domenico in Kingston.My step-mother, my dad and I went there for some late night drinks and hot chocolate and cake. The young gentlemen that served us was super helpful with the menu and even recommended some items that he enjoyed from the menu.

Hot Chocolate


It was great to be in an atmosphere where the staff was helpful. I was quite impressed the interior of the restaurant, it was quite upscale and classy, but still peaceful. I really enjoyed it.

I ended up ordering a hot chocolate, which was quite delicious and a wonderful and flavourful piece of tiramisu cake.The hot chocolate had the perfect amount of milk and chocolate and was topped off with whipped cream and a piece of dark chocolate, YUM!

Next the young gentlemen brought out the tiramisu. I have to say I used to work at an Italian bakery in Hamilton for a while and it is hard to find a piece of tiramisu the can please me ! So even though this wasn’t THE ABSOLUTE BEST tiramisu I’ve ever had, it was still pretty fabulous! I loved the way the incorporated the tiramisu with coffee flavoured gelato. I thought that was an interesting pairing with the cake. It was really good! On top of the gelato there was a fresh strawberry and a delicately placed piece of dark chocolate. Needless to say, but it was the perfect way to end the night!


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